Prolonged exposure of your denture to air can discolor it and dry out the acrylic, making it more brittle. When you remove your denture at the night, keep it in a covered container filled with warm water or a special soaking solution. Never use bleach to clean or soak your denture. It can weaken the […]


Always rinse your denture thoroughly under warm running water before putting it back in your mouth or before soaking it. Making this a habit will save you from swallowing any cleaning solution, as well as from contaminating your soaking solution. It is also recommended that you rinse your mouth frequently to rid it of proliferating […]


The ideal denture brush has soft bristles and can reach every crevice in your dentures. For cleaning your denture, use a gel, a non-abrasive paste, or a mild soap. After every meal, gently brush your denture over its entire surface, paying special attention to the spaces between the teeth and to the areas that come […]

Did you know?

“My dentures have lasted me 20 years and they are still good!” Remember­-your dentures don’t last forever. According to, our advanced knowledge and materials allows dentures to be more durable than ever. But teeth can always pop out, teeth can wear out, and the denture base can loosen up because the tissues in your […]